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The only thing we love more than anyone is food!

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We are new entrepreneurs with a highly educated background and more than 15 years of rich experience in multinational companies. Still to pursue our passion for Indian food which is well known worldwide for their rich spices , we decided to explore the world of Gastronomy with a clear goal to provide delicious Indian food and equally achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

While doing this, we shall continuously strive hard to offer true taste of North Indian cuisine and also roll out an optimum and faster delivery model.

In our Swamy Indian Restaurant, you can relish traditional North Indian specialties. All our dishes are prepared with fresh and high-quality ingredients with a rich blend of our spices and herbs, which not only enhances the aroma but taste as well.

Moreover, all these mouthwatering recipes are prepared by expert qualified cooks specially invited from India to give our food the original taste of Indian spices and herbs.

Kindly join us and try our fine North Indian cuisine and we promise you value for your money.

The Swamy team is looking forward to welcoming you multiple times.

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